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Are You Sensitive to Others’ Feelings? Signs You Are an Emotional Sponge

Are You Sensitive to Others’ Feelings? Signs You Are an Emotional Sponge

am i an emotional sponge

Has this ever happened to you?

Out of the clear blue for no apparent reason, you suddenly feel anxious, sad or overwhelmed by stress? You can’t explain what is happening—it is if you have been struck by a thunderbolt of unexplained origin. Where is it coming from and why?

You may have possibly attached to someone else’s energy. If you find yourself in this predicament, no need to worry.

Determine Where The Feeling Originates

It would be most helpful if you could first establish the suspected source of your discomfort. Are they your own feelings or someone else’s? Negative emotions such as fear, anger and frustration are energies that you might have absorbed from other people—especially if you have a propensity to be an emotional sponge.

you are an emotional sponge

People Are Drawn to You

Some of us are highly charged psychic vacuum cleaners. You know this because you have a tendency to sense the vibration in other people’s energy fields. You do not go out purposely on a mission to pick up others energies—it just sort of happens.

Have you noticed that you can enter a crowded room or a social gathering and immediately detect an uncomfortable or excitable sensation? This indicates that you have tapped into and unconsciously begun to absorb the aura or energy body of another.

When you get in close proximity to the suspected source, your radar hones in and the vibration becomes stronger. You may or may not be able to pinpoint exactly who is the generator but you can definitely feel the heat.

At times like this it is probably best to distance yourself and detach. Walk away, change your seat or remove yourself entirely from the area.

This will usually make it stop. Whatever emotion that was not your own should dissipate and dwindle into nothingness.

Examples of Absorbing the Emotions of Others

Over the years I cannot count how many individuals have come to me with questions about certain situations that pertain to this very subject. I find it interesting how many of you are finely tuned sensitives and have no preconceived knowledge of your gifts. You embody the traits of an empath and don’t even know it.

These people have wondered why they experience a sudden shift in their mood upon encountering a particular person? They have asked why they feel depressed or anxious in large crowds of people? How could they be feeling fine one minute and then for no apparent reason they cannot hold back the tears and begin to cry?

you are an emotional sponge

I have heard examples like:

I went shopping at the mall. I spotted a lovely shirt, took it to the dressing room and became overwhelmed with heartfelt sadness while gazing in the mirror.

While standing in the checkout line at the grocery story I was overcome with an instantaneous splitting headache. It came from nowhere. I left the store, got in my car and started driving home. The pain in my head left as quickly as it came.

In both instances, the people involved thought that they indeed had the issue. Not for a minute did they contemplate that the origin of the struggle could have been triggered by someone else’s energy.

you are an emotional sponge

Being Aware of Your Environment

I personally know to be extremely aware of my surroundings for this very reason.

I once was participating in a meditative healing session when suddenly I began to experience severe chest pain. It was so intense that I felt the need to clutch my upper torso. It only took a few seconds to recognize that this discomfort did not belong to me. Nevertheless, it was disconcerting.

I immediately scanned the room of attendees. I was trying to decipher the location of this wounded soul. This pain took my breath away. It was crystal clear that whoever was the host had suffered devastating heartbreak.

On a Richter scale this was off the chart. It didn’t take me long to detect direction and conclude its origin. Unfortunately finding where it was coming from had no effect on ending the excruciating chest pains.

I had no desire to disrupt the class by getting up and leaving, even though I debated this as an option. Once I was able to establish the source I immediately began to focus in on my breath.

you are an emotional sponge

When You Become Overwhelmed

Here are some tried and true techniques that you may wish to implement for relief and release.

Just Keep Breathing

I concentrated on my breathing in order to center myself. I continued to inhale the positive and exhale the negative. This restored my calm and gave me the ability to redefine my space.

Visualize White Light

I installed clear and defined boundaries that encompassed my entire body in white light. The visualization of surrounding yourself with a shield of light is always an effective method of protection. This allows you to block the unwanted and still allow the positive to flow.

Perform a Body Scan

Next I found it imperative to run a body scan to acknowledge any negative energy that may have lodged within my physical body.

Replace Negativity With Positivity

Generally speaking I find that I along with many of you are prone to holding onto others’ issues of a negative nature deep within the solar plexus chakra and heart chakra. The emotion of fear is powerful and requires cognizant lovingkindness vibrations to remove.

This can be achieved by taking a few moments on a daily basis to release stagnant debris within these energetic areas and purposely fill yourself with uplifting rays of positivity.

Your Best Defense is a Firm Offense

Remember that your best defense is a firm offense. Keep your mood as upbeat as possible. Intentionally surround yourself with positive people. Nourish your soul with that which provides inner peace. Stimulate your being with life-affirming activities such as connecting with nature. Snuggle up to some crystals and your Good Juju Doll. Listen to music and allow it to course through your veins. Do some volunteer work and show your compassionate side. Pick a flower and pass it on to the first person you see. Smile at a stranger. Soak in a warm bath of Epsom salt and lavender oil. Dance until you’re winded. Discover the practice of meditation. Visit an art museum. Learn how to play an instrument.

you are an emotional sponge

Keep Your Barriers in Tact and Strong

As an emotional sponge, you may be invaded by the uncomfortable. However, the more comforts you build into your arsenal, the less likely you are to be affected when this occurs. Keep your barriers in tact and strong. If by chance the feelings and emotions of others enter, you will be well-equipped to recognize them as foreign and well-armed to rid yourself of the invasion and repercussions of the unwanted energy of others.

About the Author

Kaylee is a co-founder of Good JuJu For You. She has been mindfully aware of and practicing her psychic abilities since she was a child. Led by her spirit guides, Kaylee has obtained a vast wealth of knowledge and experience with the ethereal realm and alternative modalities of energy healing.

you are an emotional sponge



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