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The Cleansing Ritual of Smudging

The Cleansing Ritual of Smudging

The Cleansing Ritual of Smudging

What is Smudging?

The practice of smudging is the smoke purification ritual of burning herbs as a way to bring in good spirits and remove stagnant or negative energies. The most commonly known herb used for smudging is sage.

An alternative to sage and a highly favored choice would be that of sweet grass. Although at times a carefully prepared mixture of various plants may be combined to treat specific needs such as illness. This may include herbs such as cedar, juniper, tobacco, and lavender.

This combination could vary depending on your climate, culture, tribe, beliefs and availability.

smudgingThere is something about smoke that connects us to our spirituality.

If your energy, which includes your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual or environmental field feels down and depressed this is believed to manifest into lack of happiness and success as well as pain and disease.

The ancient art of smudging is an honored tradition used to combat these negativities and restore positivity.

For a myriad of reasons one may wish to shed some light and clear the air.

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Appropriate and Suggested Situations For Smudging:

1) Before you set up house in a new living space, bless your home and land.

2) When controversy or conflict enters your home. You may have had a horrible argument with your significant other or the energy of an unwanted guest seems to linger.

3) Your pets act irregularly in nature.

4) If there has been illness within the structure.

5) Upon bringing new purchases into your sacred space—especially antiques and secondhand items.

6) You feel overwhelmed, confused, exhausted and/or sad.

7) You suffered a breakdown.

8) Experienced a break up or divorce.

9) Had a death in the family.

10) Sensing a psychic attack

This applies to your work space as well.

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Materials You Will Need to Smudge:

Symbolizing the four elements

A sage stick or chosen loose herbs—Earth

An abalone shell (or fire proof container)—Water

A feather—Air

The flame (lighter)—Fire

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How To Perform Smudging

sage bundles

Open the windows if indoors.

Focus your intention.

Light your sage stick—hold the flame until you achieve a steady stream of smoke. Wave your hand over the sage to extinguish the flame (do not blow it out).

Begin by smudging yourself before moving on to others or your environment.

With a cupped hand, draw the smoke to your face. Start at the top of your head and work down to your feet. You want complete coverage. Do not rush the process and be conscious of your breath.

Then use the feather to direct the smoke to another. Head to toe. Front and back.

Next, distribute the smoke to your surroundings. Make sure to get into all corners and closets of the rooms. Concentrate over objects such as furniture and all collectible accessories.

When finished, empty the ashes from the herbs outside and give back to the earth.

About the Author


Kaylee is a co-founder of Good JuJu For You. She has been mindfully aware of and practicing her psychic abilities since she was a child. Led by her spirit guides, Kaylee has obtained a vast wealth of knowledge and experience with the ethereal realm and alternative modalities of energy healing.







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  1. happened to cross your site this am, and I am so impressed with your words.
    they spoke to me clearly and touched me.
    I am serious add, and can not read or conceive, but I was able with you.

  2. Its quite interesting .who are your spiritual guides ? I also use sage but only the wild sage is grown in belize.from your knowledge how effective is the wild sage?

  3. I smudged today for the first time before I came across your post. I feel wonderful and will continue when needed. I love your prayer and will incorporate it next time. Thank you so much.

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