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Mastering the Law of Attraction: How to Manifest More With Your Mind

Mastering the Law of Attraction: How to Manifest More With Your Mind

Are you Aware that Every Thought, Mental Image and Statement you Project Becomes your Future?

law of attraction

Your mind is your most powerful ally—when it is functioning properly, at full potential and directed toward the greater good. But when the mind is cluttered, confused and led astray it becomes the main contributing factor in failure to achieve what you really want.

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Your thoughts transfer into your inner dialogue—what you think, believe and say to yourself—and your inner dialogue determines what people, places and things you will attract. This is the “Law of Attraction” and it has been accumulating scientific support for years.

Recent studies have shown the strongest evidence for the idea that your mind can manifest your reality comes from the concept of mirror neurons (when someone near you feels fear, you also feel fear; consequently when they feel happy, you also feel happy). The Law of Attraction has demonstrated favorable results under a different name (Broaden-and-Build theory) from psychology researchers at the University of North Carolina.

What you put out into the universe comes back to you.

As you progress in your spiritual journey through life you will become aware that your soul wishes to evolve to higher realms of energy. To make this shift possible you must be consciously cognizant of your thoughts. You will want to raise your thoughts to a frequency of pure love.

Monitoring Your Mind

To do this you must begin by monitoring your own inner dialogue. Watch what you think and say to and about yourself. Are you thinking and speaking kindly and carefully?

Do you catch yourself often using negative dialogue such as,

“I can’t believe I just did that,”

“I am so stupid,”

“Why can’t I land a job like [insert name]?”

If you find that you are concentrating on what is wrong instead of what is going right and engaging in overcritical rhetoric and looking to find fault deep within, you must learn to switch this around.

Learning to control your inner dialogue is crucial.

This would be the time to retrain the brain. Make your mind work for you instead of against you. Do not allow yourself to be ruled by random thoughts of detriment.

You can choose a thought process that nurtures your development. Your purpose is to unite your mind, body and soul. To effectively function optimally and create a focused vision for a bright future.

Be Forgiving to Yourself

Do not be alarmed if you slip, because you will. Stay vigilant with your observations. If you start to batter yourself with a stream of thoughts directed toward mistakes you’ve made, gently redirect your level of thinking.

Extend forgiveness to yourself and remind your mind that there are no mistakes. You have had this experience because you needed valuable insight to learn a life lesson that was required for your ascension.

Replacing Negative Self-Talk With Positivity

This kind self-talk will raise your vibration. It will bring you back into the realm of mindful awareness.

When you know better, you will do better, especially with practice.

Reassuring inner dialogue will fuel your desire to continue on your chosen path.

Look for words of encouragement—phrases that feed your soul and make you feel good.

Be generous with these positive phrases and affirmations such as,

I am worthy.
I am strong.
I feel peaceful.
I live in abundance.
I am happy.
I am wonderful.

If you find yourself not quite believing these phrases at first, start by repeating “I am doing the best I can at this moment” or “I am taking things one day at a time” until you are convinced and then work more positive phrases into your inner dialogue. Train your mind to constantly replace the self-deprecating with the life-affirming.

We Are What We Think

An untrained mind leads to you living on an emotional roller coaster. Once you learn to calm the mental chatter, you clear an opening for a higher level of thought to come through.

This enlightened form of thought will transcend into the most powerful inner dialogue necessary to determine the direction of your dreams and to manifest a future filled with love and light.

law of attraction

About the Author

Kaylee is a co-founder of Good JuJu For You. She has been mindfully aware of and practicing her psychic abilities since she was a child. Led by her spirit guides, Kaylee has obtained a vast wealth of knowledge and experience with the ethereal realm and alternative modalities of energy healing. Kaylee is a shamanic healer and New Age artist.

law of attraction

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