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Crystal Meaning From A to Z

Crystal Meaning From A to Z

Crystal Meaning From A to Z

Agate 3


 Agates are among the oldest stones in recorded history. The name ‘Agate’ comes from the Achates River in Sicily, where Agates were found in early history (circa 3rd and 4th centuries BC). Agates were used by Egyptians before 3000 BC and in jewelry in ancient India. Agates are referenced in the Bible as being a precious stone in breast-plate of the high priest (Exodus 28:19 ; 39:12). The wide variety of Agates offer one a full spectrum of choices. They are found in many forms and a multitude of colors, some of which may be dyed or stained.

Agate, also called the ‘fire stone,’ is traditionally considered to have protective powers. It is said to be an excellent stone for balancing and harmonizing mind, body and spirit. Agates are good for fortitude, courage and improving ones spiritual outlook. This is a widespread stone used by many who desire protection, strength and harmony.

According to popular belief, Agates are good all-around stones for balancing yin/yang energies, and thus promoting peace and positivity in any space. Agates radiate a soft strength to ground the spirit with a sense of stability. In spiritual practice, Agates are used to cleanse and stabilize the aura as well as eliminate and transform negativity in all chakras (energy centers).

Agate may encourage self-reflection in matters of well-being. It has been believed to awaken ones hidden talents and stimulate creative focus. Agates have been used historically for connecting with the spirit world. Agates are used by crystal healers for certain physical and emotional ailments including strengthening eyesight, decreasing thirst and promoting marital fidelity. In ancient times they were placed on or near the head during sleep to give rich dreams.

Amazonite meaning


Amazonite is named for the Amazon River in Brazil and in the jungle surrounding the river where the stones were first discovered. According to legend, Amazonite can protect against electromagnetic radiation. Crystal healers work with Amazonite to align masculine and feminine energies within the physical and etheric bodies as well as balance many aspects of the personality. It has been used as a powerful amulet since ancient times in Central and South America and Mesopotamia. It has been called the “stone of courage” and “stone of truth.”

Amazonite has been thought to awaken feelings of empowerment in individuals to search, discover, and confirm one’s truth. Amazonite helps provide the strength and freedom to express thoughts and propel actions without inner conflict. Amazonite may assist the wearer to follow through with conviction to the benefit of oneself and helps one to communicate this newfound energy with others.

It is turquoise-green in color and primarily associated with the Thymus or Higher Heart chakra, although Amazonite has been thought to benefit all chakras. The Higher Heart chakra is the eight and least known of the chakras, which is located between the Heart and Throat chakras. Amazonite is a stone that encourages emotional healing, excellent at calming the mind and dispelling worry. Fear and anger from past traumas and current problems may dissipate with the application of Amazonite on the body, worn as a protective talisman.

amber spiritual meaning


Amber is a fossilized resin, which contains a moment in time perfectly preserved within its depths. It belongs to a class of organic gems, neither crystal nor mineral, that can range in color and opacity from golden honey to dark brown. Formed hundreds of millions of years ago, Amber has long been associated with protection, life and renewal. It has been said to be a repository of souls and may encourage rebirth karmically. Amber connects us to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, bringing forth remembrance of genetic lessons that can shield us against negative energies.

Amber is a powerful healer, primarily associated with the Solar Plexus chakra. When worn, it has been known to bestow the wearer with a sense of calm, warmth and overall well-being. Amber has long been worn as a protective amulet. It may promote stability by aiding in the release of phobias and ingrained fears. Amber inspires us to “Let go, Let God.” It has also been used in crystal healing as a stress reducer.

Amethyst 4-3


Amethyst is known as the “Gem of Fire.” At times in history it was considered to hold the same worth as Diamonds. Amethyst is a variety of Quartz and comes in many forms and sizes ranging from clusters to single points. The presence of the essential micromineral Manganese in Clear Quartz produces Amethyst. The amount of the element Iron contained in each piece of these beauties controls the purple variations. When mixed with White Quartz, it is known as Chevron Amethyst.

Amethyst is a stone of spirituality, frequently sought for crystal healing to open the Crown chakra. Opening of the Crown chakra has been reported to accelerate the development of psychic and intuitive abilities and strengthen connection with the Divine. It is a powerful crystal that can assist in aligning your physical reality with your spiritual purpose.  It was one of the stones in the breastplate of the High Priest and has been worn by high-ranking holy persons in the Christian tradition to symbolize spiritual power and heavenly realms.

When used during meditation, its energy is helpful to enter a deeper meditative state. While you are open to spiritual expansion, you are protected from low-lying energy by Amethyst’s high frequency energy, which acts as a barrier. It is an excellent protective stone, invoking white light to encase the body and repelling negative entities. This is a wonderful stone for overcoming addictions. It has been said Amethyst is effective at protecting the body against electromagnetic stress.

Well-respected for its experiential abilities to still the mind and release unwanted energies, Amethyst can assist you with achieving mental clarity. It can help you identify damaging thoughts, actions and behaviors that are not serving you well and causing you an imbalance. If you allow it, Amethyst can guide you to release self-destructive patterns and lead you to peace.

Angel Aura Quartz meaning

Angel Aura Quartz

Angel Aura Quartz is quartz that has been bonded to molecules of platinum and silver, which gives it an iridescent color reminiscent of angels wings. Its metaphysical properties are remarkable. Through use during meditation or wearing, it allows one to tune awareness to higher realms and interact with the angelic domain. You will speak and act with peace, love and serenity. Angel Aura Quartz will keep your guardian angels close.

astrophyllite healing


Astrophyllite is a very rare gemstone only found in a few remote areas of the world. The name originates from Greek words, “Astron” (meaning ‘star’) and “Phyllon” (meaning ‘leaf’), which describe the entire galaxy contained within its crystalline starbust structure.

If you are ready for heaven-sent change, you can find it with Astrophyllite. Astrophyllite is used by healers to activate all the chakras by infusing them with healing angelic light. It purportedly connects the soul star chakra and the earth star chakras, which are part of the etheric body, not the physical body.

Astrophyllite energetically opens your connection to Mother Earth and the Divine. Accessing these chakras allows you to remain grounded while seeking the highest spiritual healing and wisdom. Wear Astrophyllite during meditation and envision white light moving through your body from the top of your head out of the bottom of your feet for maximum healing benefits.

This stone of transformation can reveal just who you are and what rests within you. It may allow you to see the soul and awaken to your true purpose. Astrophyllite allegedly absorbs undesirable energies and creates a window to change them into opportunities.

Game of Thrones Dragonglass Pendant Jewelry

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed when molten lava cools so quickly in water that it doesn’t have time to crystallize. This powerhouse stone embodies all the compressed fiery energies of its genesis. Obsidian is well-known as “Dragonglass,” one of the two substances capable of killing White Walkers on the popular television series, Game of Thrones. In both the fantasy world of Westeros and in the real realm of crystal healing, the powers of obsidian are legendary.

Obsidian is an excellent stone for regulating energy and particularly for absorbing negative energy. Obsidian is an extraordinary ‘psychic vacuum cleaner,’ beneficial for removing unwanted attachments weighing down the aura. Obsidian has also been noted to be helpful for absorbing electromagnetic pollution from the wearer’s environment. When placed under their pillow, it has been said to draw out stress and tension, as well as revealing the reasons for these stressors, often in the form of edifying dreams. It can rapidly expose one’s flaws, weaknesses, blockages and the truth, making you confront these issues before finding peace.

Obsidian is a powerful protective stone that protects against psychic attack. Its calming and grounding presence help connect you to the very center of the earth, making it a great stone to use for grounding/earthing. It encourages healing in the Root and the Soul Star chakras and connects all chakras together on the astral plane. Obsidian is sought after by healers for alleviating symptoms of insecurity and depression, especially caused by other people’s stress and negativity. It may help with regulating digestion and alleviating pain, particularly associated with cramps of an unknown origin.



Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope, is associated with strength and has been treasured for thousands of years as “The Sun Stone.” Bloodstone is composed of deep Green Chalcedony with blood-like spots of Red Jasper. Legend has said that Bloodstone was formed at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, when the blood of his wounds fell onto the dark green earth and turned to stone.

It dates back 5,000 years to ancient Mesopotamian civilizations where it was used as a healing tool for the body and its organs. It is said that the stone would be placed in cold water and then on the body to detox organs, aid circulation, stop blood flow and cure wounds. Ancient warriors carried a piece with them at all times as an amulet of protection and courage.

It has been long thought that the powerful red and green colors of Bloodstone promote purity of the blood and of the mind, revealing your inner strength and divine ability to endure challenging times. Bloodstone has been used in the spiritual tradition for healing the blood and treating diseases of the spleen, kidneys, bladder, intestines and liver. It has also been used to help with failing eyesight, lung congestion and rashes. Ground to a powder form and mixed with honey, Bloodstone has been said to cure tumors and draw out snake venom.

Bloodstone is regarded as a gem of noble sacrifice and purportedly bestows courage to to all who are called to give for the greater good of others. Bloodstone carries a timeless feeling, revealing a sense of mystery to the wearer. This is a Heart chakra stone that allows insight into the here and now with adaptability and acceptance. If you know someone being bullied, gift them a piece of Bloodstone and have them carry it with them always.

Blue Goldstone Goddess Bracelet 2

Blue Goldstone

See description for “Goldstone”

blue quartz meaning spiritual

Blue Quartz

A soothing, stress-relief stone of tranquility. It cleanses the aura and may clear even the toughest energy blockages. Blue quartz helps to improve communication with others and with your higher self. It may help to release fear, overcome addictions and may boost creative expression. Blue quartz protects against negativity, may lift depression and restore hope, happiness and peace.

bronzite meaning spiritual


Bronzite is a protective and grounding stone with strong energies that aids one in facing challenging decisions and being certain about the choices one makes. The vibrations may help one sort out the benefits and consequences facing each decision while dispersing indecision and doubt. Bronzite may provide a sense of certainty while it helps with one taking control of one’s life, goals and decisions. Bronzite has been known to be beneficial in opening the root chakra and balancing the sacral chakra. It may be used to treat the assimilation of iron, reduce muscular tension, and dispels restlessness caused by emotional and psychophysical ailments.

Orange Calcite Massage Wand 3


Calcite is a common carbonate mineral found in sedimentary rock all over the world. found in limestone and marble. Calcite or calcium carbonate, contains the elements carbon, calcium, and oxygen. It can also contain iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc and cobalt. It is colorless or white when pure, but due to the impurities present in it, this mineral can be found in many colors, like red, yellow, green, honey, pink, lavender, black, brown, or blue. Calcite is fluorescent and also emits light when heated.

Calcite is said to help boost self-confidence, drive and motivation. Calcite is used to heighten mental awareness, increasing the ability to learn quickly and retain the information. It is a recommended stone for studying. Calcite is also said to help purify and cleanse negativity.

carnelian healing


A stone of motivation, endurance, leadership and courage. Carnelian clarifies the voice. It is the Singer’s Stone and promotes confidence for performances on stage or in live media. It lends the courage needed to overcome difficulties and defend a cause. Carnelian aids in moving forward on a new life path. It enhances vitality and creativity.


Good JuJu Celestite Massage Wand 1


Celestite, also known as celestine, aids in contacting guardian angels and spirit guides. It is soothing, calming and stress-reducing. It can be particularly helpful with menopausal hot flashes, migraines and increasing focus. It may also help with insomnia and other sleep disorders.

cheetah agate meaning spiritual

Cheetah Agate (Rare)

Cheetah Agate allows the wearer to access inner strength, vitality and prowess of the cheetah for which it was named. Cheetah agate opens and balances the heart, root and sacral chakras. It enhances willpower, courage and mental function. It may motivate you to find more creative solutions to challenging problems that you have been facing. This crystal will fortify your connection to nature and to the earth. Use this crystal during meditation to access animal spirit guides, get in touch with your inner predatory essence and integrate mysticism and feline nature into your life.

Citrine 2


Citrine, from the French word citron (meaning citrus), carries the power of the Sun and will stimulate the soul into action. It is a yellow variety of Quartz that may range from golden yellow to honey brown. Most Citrine you encounter is heat-treated Amethyst or Smoky Quartz.

Citrine helps with all matters of money. This is a crystal traditionally rumored to assist in acquiring wealth. Wearing Citrine just may put you on a fast track to achieving fast money.

All good things come to those who adorn Citrine. It is a most protective stone that leads one in the direction of solutions and positivity. There is a feeling of cohesiveness associated with Citrine. It brings people, places and things together to promote productivity for the big picture. Envision the golden rays of Citrine encompassing your entire being for maximum protection against negativity in any form. Your Citrine companion will certainly bring the light of abundance into your life.

Clear Quartz 2-4

Clear Quartz

Quartz is a master healer. It is considered one of the most powerful healing crystals and energy amplifiers on the planet. Quartz is the second most common type of crystal found in the earth’s crust. It belongs to the trigonal crystal system, with ideal crystals forming a six-sided pyramidal structure, reminiscent of the mysterious pyramids of ancient Egypt. In chemistry, six-sided molecules generally exhibit stabilizing properties due to their heightened ability to distribute energy among atoms in the form of electrons.

Consequently, Quartz is well-known for its metaphysical properties and strong vibration related to absorbing and transmitting energy. Its stable and regular crystalline molecular structure makes quartz easily programmed to store information, which may be why it is being increasingly used in technology and medical equipment. Quartz is at the core of watches, computer chips, ultrasound machines and more. Throughout history Quartz has not only been valued for its use in modern technology; it has been sought after for creating important cultural and religious valuables, including talismans, amulets, jewelry and other hardstone carvings. Indigenous Americans referred to Quartz as the brain cells of Mother Earth. There is no limit to what it can do.

Quartz has been used in spiritual practice to balance bodily systems, stimulate the immune system and harmonize all chakras. Healers have long been drawn to quartz to protect the aura (energy field surrounding the body). This is a good all-around crystal. If you are new to crystal therapy and you can only purchase one crystal, this is a must have. It is the easiest crystal to program and delivers the most positive effect simultaneously to all of the body’s energy centers. It needs frequent cleansing because it absorbs negative energy easily.

Dalmatian Jasper 2

Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper is a feldspar and quartz mix named after the Dalmatian dog’s coat, which it resembles. Dalmatian Jasper has a calming energy. It brings us back to a whimsical, child-like time in our lives where we felt safe and protected. It resonates with energies of the lower chakras. This is a stone that provides the confidence to feel self-assured in all new ventures.

Good JuJu Fluorite Pendant 2


Fluorite is a stone of mental clarity. It has been used to balance the brain’s hemispheres. Fluorite is an extremely soothing stone that increases ones ability to concentrate, learn and heal. It is an excellent all-purpose healing stone that promotes healing and self-love on all levels. It will absorb negative energy and gently transform it into calming energy, making it a great stone for easing anger and depression.

This is an ideal stone to overcome chaos. This highly structured and unique crystal imparts its balanced resonance to its wearers. Fluorite has been used to reorganize physical, emotional and mental bodies. It is the best crystal to use for restoring organization to yourself and your space. This stone cleanses and stabilizes the aura, dissolves illusions and guards against psychic attack. It improves decision-making and critical thinking skills.

Fluorite is the natural mineral form of calcium fluoride, which is well-known in medicine for strengthening bones (especially teeth) by inserting itself into the structure of our bone matrix (hydroxyapatite) and creating a more durable compound (fluorapatite). It’s cubic crystalline structure energetically contains the element fluorine, which is the smallest but most powerful element known to man. Fluorine is very reactive and the most electronegative element, but when coupled with calcium, it is a stable healing tool.

Fluorite is effective at relieving stress, tension and anxiety. While you should not ingest the crystalline form of this compound, it has been used in crystal healing to treat digestive disorders when placed on the abdomen by clearing energy blockages from the gastrointestinal tract.

Goldstone Goddess Bracelet 1


Goldstone is not a crystal or a naturally made material. Goldstone is a synthetic glass made in a low-oxygen reducing atmosphere. It is said that Goldstone was formed by accident while ancient Alchemists were trying to make gold. Despite its name, Goldstone does not actually contain gold. The sparkles are formed from suspended particles of crystallized copper. Goldstone was first created in seventeenth century Venice and can be a bronze color, green or blue, depending on the chemical inclusions.

Goldstone is good for attracting positivity, abundance and creativity. Goldstone carries a cooling energy that is good for calming anger issues. It is said to be a stone of revitalization, good for those who need to be energized, enthusiastic and self-confident. Blue Goldstone is made from inclusions of cobalt, manganese or chromium and helps remove or repel unwanted entities from your environment.

hawk's eye meaning spiritual

Hawk’s Eye

This stone improves communication. Wear a piece of Hawk’s eye to calm nerves while speaking or performing in public. It helps you to recognize your talents as well as your faults. This stone may provide insight, perspective and clarity on difficult situations and allow one to see and accept reality and truth. It can stimulate the courage to make your thoughts, hopes and dreams a reality in the physical realm. Hawk’s eye balances your higher chakras with your lower chakras, keeping you connected to the earth while doing spiritual work. Hawk’s eye is considered to bring good fortune particularly in the form of money.

Good JuJu Hematite Bracelet 1


A calming stone of protection, stability and grounding. Hematite strengthens one’s connection to the earth. When worn, it creates an energetic shield around the wearer, reflecting negativity back to its source. It is used to overcome compulsions and addictions. Hematite helps to boost self-esteem and self-confidence. It uses the magnetic qualities of our yin-yang (masculine and feminine) energies to balance the body’s meridians. It may help with mental organization and logical thinking. Traditionally Hematite has been used to treat stress, anxiety, insomnia, spinal alignment, and blood disorders. It focuses energy and emotions for balance between the mind, body and spirit.

Indigo Gabbro Massage Wand 9

Indigo Gabbro

Indigo Gabbro is a crystal mined in Madagascar and Alaska. Indigo Gabbro displays iridescent indigo, grey and black hues. Indigo Gabbro is an igneous rock, formed of quartz, rich in magnesium and iron. Indigo Gabbro, also called Mystic Merlinite, is a magical stone, known for its intuitive and spiritual characteristics. It is said to be beneficial for connecting with higher realms in meditation. Indigo Gabbro balances negative and positive energies, which may be especially helpful for anyone going through a difficult time or for those with uptight personalities let go of tension and other distress.

Orange Jade Goddess Bracelet 1


Jade is generally known as an expensive green stone popular in Asian cultures, although Jade is naturally found in a variety of colors, including orange, brown, blue, blue-green, lavender, red, cream and white. Jade can also be dyed or stained with different colors. Two separate stones can be referred to as Jade—Nephrite and Jadeite, with Nephrite being more widely available.

Jade has been regarded as a valuable and magical crystal with numerous attributes depending on the culture. Jade is largely considered to bring prosperity and good fortune. It is thought to provide the luck needed to find a new job or new relationships. Crystal healers use Jade to encourage longevity and healing of the body and spirit.

The name ‘Jade’ has several origins from French, Latin and Spanish terms, which translate to “loin stone” or “kidney area.” Jade has traditionally been used for stomach ailments, urinary and kidney problems.

Good JuJu Red Jasper Pendulum 2


Jasper grounds one to the earth plane and to the present moment. During moments of isolation, it may stimulate reflection and bring awareness to the connection we hold with all living things. It has been referenced as the ‘Supreme nurturer’ and is a stone of warmth, comfort, strength and stability. In ancient times, shamans, priests and royalty wore this stone for protection and considered it to be sacred. It balances the aura, bringing a sense of wholeness, peace and clarity like no other. Wear Jasper to help you make decisions and access the determination needed to pursue your goals.

Raw Kyanite Pendant Good JuJu 2


Kyanite has a very strong vibration but should be worn with tenderness. It resonates with all chakras, especially the throat, and encourages communication with yourself, others and your spirit guides. Kyanite never needs to be cleansed and in fact is a great stone for cleansing other crystals. Be mindful not to drop this pendant or get it wet.

Labradorite 2


Labradorite, also known as Spectrolite, comes in a variety of hues including pale green, blue, gold, copper, pink and purple. Labradorite is a stone of magic and transformation. It is an extremely powerful crystal for increasing psychic abilities while keeping one grounded to the Earth plane. Labradorite stimulates the third eye to raise consciousness and awaken hidden magic within you.

Labradorite has the ability to reduce insecurities and eliminate fear. It has been said that Labradorite may release past life traumas, especially those experienced from being psychic, by holding onto the energy of here and now. Labradorite casts light on illusions in your life. It allows one to distinguish from outside influences and personal issues. It is beneficial for connecting to your soul’s higher purpose. If you are seeking truth, change and ascension, this is the stone for you.

Labradorite is a very vibrant crystal that is immediately noticed and adored. Its bold beauty encourages one to stand out from the crowd and embrace ones individuality. Labradorite bestows strong faith in self and trust for the divine source. If you need a confidence boost, be sure to wear Labradorite.

Labradorite has been known to relieve headaches (especially related to psychic blockages), treat hormonal imbalances, aid in digestion and as a preventative against colds.

Lapis Lazuli 4

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, also known as lazurite, the azure gem, the Armenian stone, the “stone of heaven” and lapis lazari, is a deep blue colored semi-precious metamorphic stone flecked with inclusions of gold pyrite. Its appearance has long evoked imagery of a vast evening sky flecked with gold stars. Lapis has been extensively worn and used by ancient Healers/Medicine Men, Priests/Monks and Royalty. This stone was ground into ultramarine blue paint in the Renaissance. Lapis was found on the funeral mask of Egyptian King Tut and valued similarly to gold by early Egyptians, who used it to create art, cosmetics and medicine. Their crushed lapis lazuli eye shadow was thought to aid vision and cure cataracts, but this is not recommended in modern medical practice.

Lapis Lazuli is a great stone for finding mental clarity and peace of mind. It is said to stimulate one’s desire for knowledge and understanding. Lapis is a stone associated with truth, respect and wisdom. Lapis may promote self-awareness and acceptance of oneself. Lapis has historically been used for protection, especially from psychic attack and dark entities.

Lapis is associated with the Third Eye and Throat chakras and has been used to help with ailments related to these areas, including the brain as well as the throat, esophagus, and neck.

larimar healing


Larimar is a rare stone of wonderful healing power that brings to the wearer absolute peace. Its beautiful blue-green hues are reminiscent of the clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean (the only place it is found in the world). Larimar has been long sought-after for healing and harmonizing the mind, body and spirit.

This is a stone of the throat chakra. It empowers you to clearly communicate and speak your truth. Larimar naturally raises your vibration and level of consciousness. It can assist in communicating with your angels and spirit guides. When worn near the throat it soothes and cleanses pain lingering from past relationships and traumas. When placed on the heart, it can help to heal a broken heart.

Larimar has all the power of a calm sea and a tranquil sky contained within its depths. Mentally, it releases the mind from depression, anxiety and fear. Emotionally, Larimar brings calmness and balance. It is excellent for stabilizing erratic energies and mood swings, like those seen with bipolar disorder. Larimar stimulates creativity and nurtures a “go with the flow” mentality. Larimar will truly help you to find clarity and wellbeing within the chaos of life. Physically, it will help the wearer cope with change. Larimar connects with the energies of the goddess, helping women reawaken to their femininity.

leopard jasper meaning spiritual

Leopard Skin Jasper (Jaguar Stone)

This powerful protection stone allows the wearer to develop the strength, vitality and stability of the leopard for which it was named. Leopard Skin Jasper is a stone of Shamanic journeying that aids in out of the body experiences. It helps one to discover and connect with one’s animal totems and power/spirit animals. It will attract resources one needs for personal growth. It may sustain and support you in times of stress, bringing tranquility and wholeness to your life. This stone may help with chronic health conditions.

Lepidolite meaning


Lepidolite is a shimmery lilac colored crystal in the mica family. Its crystal matrix is similar to Quartz and Tourmaline. Lepidolite is rich in lithium, which is used medically to treat mood and psychiatric disorders. Lepidolite has been used among crystal healers for similar conditions. It is known for its ability to stabilize erratic moods along with reducing stress and anxiety. In addition to calming emotional stormy seas, it dispels negativity and blocked energies in all chakras.

Malachite Goddess Bracelet 1


Malachite is a rich green colored copper-containing carbonate mineral. Malachite has been used for practical and ceremonial purposes since before recorded history. Archaeological evidence indicates Malachite was mined and used to produce copper in Europe and the Middle East between 3,000 and 4,000 years ago. Malachite was used as the mineral pigment in green paint since antiquity. It was widely used in ancient Egypt to make jewelry, ornaments, cosmetics and medicine, as the color green was associated with death, resurrection and fertility. It is said that Malachite may aid digestion and stimulate gastrointestinal function but you should not ingest any form of Malachite internally.

Malachite is a stone of transformation. Malachite often contains banding patterns that form what looks like an eye. People have attributed these ‘eye stones’ as having great visionary power and the ability to ward of negativity. Malachite has been said to be one of the most important stones for protection from negative energies. It can assist one in overcoming fear of confrontation or fear of self-expression. Malachite may be especially helpful to overcome travel-related fears, such as a fear of flying. Malachite is known to manifest abundance, good luck and prosperity.

Onyx Massage Wand 8


Onyx is a chalcedony quartz that is mined in Brazil, India, California and Uruguay. It is very supportive in difficult times and provides a protective energetic barrier against mental or physical stress. Onyx is a great grounding and stabilizing stone known to help release negative emotions such as sorrow and grief. It is used to end unhappy or toxic relationships. Onyx jewelry is worn to defend against negativity that is directed at you. It increases ones resistance, persistence and focus, enabling one to perform unmanageable tasks to completion. It may help in healing past traumas. Onyx may help treat disorders of the bones, bone marrow and blood.

Rhodonite Pendant Good JuJu 3


Rhodonite is a pink gem mineral and Manganese ore mined in few locations around the world such as the Ural Mountains of Russia. Rhodonite is said to be a supportive stone that encourages emotional healing and helps release negative energies from the heart chakra. The name Rhodonite comes from the Greek word ‘rhodon,’ meaning ‘rose.’ Rhodonite has also been referred to as the ‘rescue stone.’ It is a good stone for letting go of issues related to toxic relationships, abuse, and self-destruction and replacing them with self-love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Rose Quartz 2-3

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the love crystal. It is capable of handling, healing and balancing all matters of the heart. Its soft, compassionate energy will help to dissolve emotional wounds, fears and resentments and will circulate Divine unconditional love throughout the aura. Rose Quartz will assist the heart to reawaken to its own innate love, providing a sense of personal fulfillment and contentment and allowing one to regain the capacity to give and receive love from others.

Rose Quartz may have been used as a love token as early as 600 B.C. and is still an important talisman of relationships. It is quite effective in attracting new love, romance and intimacy, or in developing a closer bond with family or friends. It supports connection within groups and community, and carries a high spiritual attunement to the Earth, Universe, and the Divine.

Ruby Zoisite Goddess Bracelet 2

Ruby Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite is a combination crystal that fuses the energy of earthy green Zoisite and fiery red Ruby. Ruby Zoisite is good for growth and healing. It offers the energies of happiness, appreciation and abundance. Ruby Zoisite is an excellent stone for those recently awakened to their spirituality. It is said to boost empathy and compassion, harmonizing ones relationships with others. Ruby Zoisite can facilitate a dramatic opening of the heart chakra. It is highly sought-after for ailments such as depression and chronic fatigue syndrome as well as being supportive during terminal diseases, such as cancer, and the transition of death.

selenite healing


Selenite is one of the most highly sought after crystals in the world. It is desired for its ability to cleanse other crystals and also as a powerful stabilizer for erratic emotions. It will cleanse your soul along with your jewelry and crystals and it never needs cleansing. Selenite is widely known to instill deep peace and is excellent for meditation and spiritual work. DO NOT under any circumstances expose selenite to water.

Septarian Crystal Massage Wand 3


Septarian, also known as Dragon Stone or Dragon Eggs, is composed of Calcite (yellow), Aragonite (brown), and Limestone (gray). Septarian is a wonderful display of Mother Nature’s beauty. It was formed seventy million years ago when volcanic activity under the sea killed marine life and it fossilized on the sea floor. Septarian is considered a grounding stone of protection.

Sodalite 3


A stone that will aid you with developing intuition, psychic and/or clairvoyant abilities (or strengthen them if you are already using these gifts). This stone has a high vibration that supports truth, communication and peace. Sodalite may help you better understand the life you are living and your spiritual purpose. It is an excellent stone to achieve deeper meditation. It may also help you recall dreams and may aid lucid dreaming. Sodalite may stimulate latent creative abilities.

Tiger Eye Jewelry Set 1

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is a variety of macrocrystalline Quartz known for its luscious golden shades combined with hues of brown. Tiger Eye is a stone of personal power, which was named for the popular idiom “Eye of the tiger” for its use to manifest Tiger-like qualities. Tigers are predatory cats that quietly stalks its prey before striking with one fatal blow. This is analogous to one intently focusing on one’s goals and seizing opportunities when the time is right.

Tiger Eye may provide a sense of heightened mental acuity and insight. Tiger Eye has been used traditionally to provide the wearer with the heightened ability of keen observation and an increased sense of “knowing.” Thus, Tiger Eye may be a beneficial stone to treat disorders related to inadequate focus, such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Tiger Eye may be helpful for those who struggle to make good decisions.

Tiger Eye is good for grounding and promoting positivity. It has been said by crystal healers that Tiger Eye provides stability and awareness while integrating the spiritual with the physical. It is said to lend strength to overcome fatigue or discouragement. Tiger Eye is a wonderful stone of a cohesive nature. It may increase one’s capacity for compassion and strengthens ones desire to manifest intent, making it effective at overcoming addictive personalities.

Tiger Eye’s golden color brings light and strong positive energy into any space. It carries the frequency of creation, like sunlight upon soil. Sunlight and bright light have been shown to reduce symptoms of depression. If you want to bring some light indoors, the constant luminous shine of Tiger Eye could combat depression and the “blues”.

Throughout history Tiger Eye has been well-revered as a symbol of prosperity and said to bring the wearer good fortune along with providing protection against the evil eye and the negative intentions of others. Crystal healers recommend wearing Tiger Eye to alleviate nightmares. It is said to be a blood fortifier and good for supporting general vitality.


tourmaline properties


Tourmaline has been revered historically as a magic stone that protects anyone who wears it. Its otherworldly qualities are just beginning to gain attention from researchers. According to a 2002 paper published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, tourmaline produces electricity when thermal and mechanical stress is applied to it. Tourmaline also radiates far-infrared rays, which have been shown to penetrate all tissues of the human body. Far-infrared rays elicit health benefits such as increasing circulation and boosting immunity. Further, Tourmaline has a chemical affinity for absorbing heavy metals. Crystal healers have proposed using Tourmaline as a detoxification agent and scientists have suggested it could be used to remove pollutants from wastewater. Tourmaline generates negative ions. The Earth’s surface also has a negative charge, which is why it grounds excess electrical energy. Tourmaline is also a great source of grounding, which relieves stress and tension.

Turquoise 4


Turquoise, the sacred stone of sky and water, has been used for healing and strengthening the wearer. It has been worshiped since time immemorial for its life-giving, miraculous and restorative properties.  Still revered in Indigenous, Native American and Oriental cultures as a piece of “fallen sky” that has ‘watered’ the Earth, Turquoise traditionally symbolizes vitality, wealth, power and strength. It has been worn and used by royalty, healers and the most deeply spiritual beings.

Turquoise is a Shaman’s stone. Worn during journeying and meditation, turquoise purportedly enhances one’s connection with both the physical and spiritual worlds. Spiritually, it is one of the best stones to stimulate the Third Eye chakra, which may facilitate creativity, naturally raise your vibration and level of consciousness. It is said that adorning turquoise may enhance psychic abilities and strengthen the connection to the other side. Turquoise is also frequently used to open, balance and heal the Throat chakra. Turquoise has been used by crystal healers to access peace of mind, understanding and wisdom.

This powerful stone has been used in the realm of spiritual belief to protect the wearer from harm of all kinds, especially from falls and attacks by enemies. It is truly an ancient and legendary stone that seemingly bestows its celestial powers to all who are in possession of it.





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