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The Science of Crystals and Stones

The Science of Crystals and Stones

crystals do they really workCrystals have been valued since time immemorial for their beauty and benefits. Crystalline minerals compose the majority of the Earth’s crust. Crystals and stones are among our most abundant natural resources. Historically, healers, holy men and royalty have used them in a variety of ways—from healing to offerings to amulets and protective talismans.

Stone was used to construct ancient pyramids, temples and shrines like the Sphinx. Crystals like Quartz and Lapis Lazuli were found in the burial chambers of Egyptian pharaohs. Monoliths like the mysterious Stonehenge comprised of huge stones in concentric circles for what researchers have hypothesized to be centers of burials, rituals, or perhaps communication. It seems like the ancients knew something about the supernatural powers of crystals and stones that we have yet to uncover.

stonehenge spiritual meaningDo Crystals Really Work?

Despite the abundance of claims to the healing powers of stones and crystals, scientists still debate whether or not crystals actually have any benefit past that of a placebo. Many researchers claim the usage of crystals to be pseudoscience. As a research-trained scientist, I personally do not believe they are pseudoscience. I believe we have just approached the edge of scientific discovery.

For an object that is vitally crucial to the function of many modern electrical devices that we use everyday, crystals seem to have been overlooked on the research front. Crystals are highly valued for their ability to store information and transmit energy. In fact, new research indicates that crystals may be the key to the future of technology by improving the processing speed of the world’s most advanced supercomputers by 80 orders of magnitude.

crystal healing circle

A closer look at their atomic and molecular structure seems to suggest that they originated from somewhere other than earth. They contain a naturally perfect lattice structure in a world that thrives on energetic randomness. Crystals exhibit the least amount of randomness or entropy (chemical term for quantifying disorder) in nature. Their atomic structures form geometric shapes, the same sacred shapes that much of life is built on (sacred geometry), that transmit energy consistently, suggesting that crystals contain secrets within them that have yet to be revealed.

Crystals are being increasingly used in electronic devices as energy transformers, transmitters, and processors. Crystals can be found in computers, televisions, watches and medical equipment. Ultrasound machines use crystals in their probes. You probably are reading this on a LCD (liquid crystal display) screen.

When an electric current is applied to these crystals, they change shape rapidly or vibrate. These vibrations produce sound waves that travel outward. Conversely, when sound or pressure waves hit the crystals, they emit electrical currents. Therefore, the same crystals can be used to send and receive energy.

plasma crystal

Humans are made from some of the same chemical compounds as crystals. We have calcium, phosphate and carbon in our bones, hydrogen and oxygen in our tissues, and iron in our blood. We are made from the explosion energy and particles of stars from the Big Bang. We are energetic beings at our very core. It is not unreasonable to think that we can be influenced by the transmission of energy.

If crystals have the ability to transform energy through computer chips, why are we questioning their ability to transform energy in other ways?

Notable scientists Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein spoke about the relationship between energy and matter. They believed that studying non-physical phenomena (energy, frequency and vibration) was key to unlocking the future of scientific discovery. Modern scientists Marcel Vogel and Dr. Masaru Emoto spent years uncovering the effects of human consciousness on the molecular structure of crystal. This suggests that our thoughts and intentions can also be imprinted into a crystal and used to impact human physiology through subtle vibration.

energy healing

What I believe is at the core of crystal healing are the concepts of
energy exchange and energy balancing.

We interact with others like antennas and receivers. We perceive signals and we transmit them. If you give love, you usually receive love. If you give hatred, you receive hatred. We radiate heat (energy) to maintain our core body temperature. If we don’t receive energy in the form of food, we would die. There must be an exchange of energy to keep us alive.

When you can harness and focus energy into an object like a crystal that is capable of absorbance and transmission, I believe that it can restore our energetic equilibrium. Crystals are not alive, but they do contain atomic and molecular energy, which is the animating feature in all living creatures. Balance has been shown to be key to health—a balanced diet, exercise (balance between rest and motion), and balance between work and play. Even ancient Hindu and Oriental cultures speak of the energetic life force that animates us all. They speak of the need for that energy to be balanced and flowing for health. They believe energy blockages cause the root of disease.

If crystals can balance energy, and if this balance is key to health, it is reasonable to think crystals can be used to influence the health of humans as energetic beings. The ancients credited crystals with healing powers. Shamans, medicine men, priests, royalty and crystal healers have long believed in the ability of crystals to access the abundant energies in the universe.

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