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Let Me Love You

Let Me Love You

Let Me Love You


I see you are struggling. I want to help. Please do not view this as an invasion to your space. I know your mind is full and looking for respite.
You feel lost and inadequate. I respect the fact that you are determined to stand on your own two feet, prove the world wrong and restore your ego.
Unfortunately, the method you have chosen to use in navigating this storm we call life is hurting you and those who truly care.

When you put the wall up and sealed yourself in with your own thoughts, perspective disappeared into the black hole.
Instead of protecting yourself and shielding others, you brought more pain onto self and those who love you.

I am hoping that you will allow me to pull you to the light with this message.

“Blocking” in your mind shows signs of strength and control.
Those on the outside of the bubble view it much differently.


One ride-or-die in your corner is all it takes to remain safe and stable.
This earth angel is your life line.
When you start to drift too far away, you can count on them to grab and tug.

If that person has your very best interest at heart, Let them in.
Trust them to guide you out of the darkness.
Know that they want to protect you.
Sometimes from yourself.

I Love You.

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