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15 Ways of Preventing Anxiety Attacks

15 Ways of Preventing Anxiety Attacks

15 Ways of Preventing Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety sucks. Many people are struggling with it and need help to deal with the daily challenges of what for some is debilitating. Good JuJu’s Shamanic Healer has created a list of fifteen ways to prevent a cruel little thing called anxiety. If you know someone this can help, please share!

  1. Let It Go  

    Don’t dwell on anything that you have no control over. If it’s out of your hands, then cut it out of your mind.

  2. Be Mindful

    Be present in the moment. Develop conscious awareness. Don’t be afraid to see ‘it’ for what ‘it’ really is. Read more in this Good JuJu article about Mindfulness.

  3. Take Stock of the Negative

    Remove the negative Neils and Nancys (Read Good JuJu’s article, “Friend or Frenemy?”) Dispose of the toxic (Read Good JuJu’s article on Ending Toxic Relationships). Rid yourself of destructive people, places and things (Read Good JuJu’s article “When Your So-called “Family” Turns Out to be Your Worst Enemy”). These downers must go.

  4. Choose to be Happy

    Make decisions that benefit you and the quality of your life. If it feels negative, release what is not serving you well. Choose what feeds your soul.

  5. Shut Down Stimulants

    Limiting the amount of social media you are exposed to will help. Cut back on computer and television to eliminate some of the craziness.

  6. Fun Time

    Take time everyday to smile, incorporate laughter and playfulness. Get silly. Get in touch with your inner child. This could be buying a coloring book or some Play Dough. What about burning some incense in a Unicorn Incense Holder (Good JuJu Unicorn Incense Holder available here)? Feel free to have fun!

  7. Utilizing Crystals

    Use crystals for comfort and to restore calmness. Crystals can also help balance your energy. For example: Chakra Balancing (Good JuJu Chakra Balancing Kits available here), Holding a Worry Stone (Good JuJu Worry Stones available here ), wearing a Crystal Pendant or Bracelet (View Good JuJu’s Crystal Pendants  and View Good JuJu’s Crystal Bracelets).

  8. Open Up To a Friend

    Vent and re-direct your energy. Speaking with a trusted friend can be as helpful as a therapy session. If you don’t have a friend, you may consider investing in a Good JuJu Doll (available here), who could become your most valued confidant.

  9. Physical Stimulation

    Whether it’s hugging, kissing, acupressure, reflexology or massage, physical stimulation can be very helpful to get out of your mind and into your body. We have Good JuJu massage wands available for purchase. They are great for couples massage or self-massage.

  10. Connect with Nature

    Go grounding (Read more about Grounding in this Good JuJu article). Sit in the Sun. Take a Walk. Studies have shown that ‘forest bathing‘  reduces anxiety.

  11. Creative Time

    Find an outlet for your creative abilities. Art allows us to be expressive and explore passions. Some options could include singing, dancing, and painting. Check out prints of original paintings by our Shamanic Healer (Good JuJu Shamanic Healing Cards available here).

  12. Create Community

    Join a club. If you have to start your own social group, do so. We need people in our lives. Interacting with loving, caring people makes life worth living.

  13. Meditate

    Start a meditation practice. Begin with 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes before bedtime. Consistency is the key to success. Check out one of our Good JuJu inspirational articles on meditation here.

  14. Turn off the Phone

    Take a break from constant calls and texts. It’s not that you don’t care. It’s self care.

  15. Aromatherapy

    Particular scents and certain blends when inhaled can stimulate the brain’s natural calming mechanisms. Good JuJu Mist is our signature aromatherapy mist, blended to boost your mood, exclusively available here for purchase. Or you may want to try a natural essential oil-infused soap (View Good JuJu’s Bath + Body Collection of Handmade Healing Soaps).

    About the Author

    Kaylee is a co-founder of Good JuJu For You. She has been mindfully aware of and practicing her psychic abilities since she was a child. Led by her spirit guides, Kaylee has obtained a vast wealth of knowledge and experience with the ethereal realm and alternative modalities of energy healing. Kaylee is a shamanic healer and New Age artist.

15 Ways of Preventing Anxiety Attacks Good JuJu For You

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  1. Kaylee, THANK YOU for working with me on this and other issues. YOU have singlehandedly brought the real Amanda to surface. I have hidden and buried so many emotions that gave me anxiety. You worked and worked with me until those anxieties subsided. A HUGE THANK YOU!

    1. Amanda,
      You are a sweet soul. Once you allowed me access to the inner circle, we merged with the trust needed for advancement.
      Lots of Love and Blessings.

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