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The Benefits of Bathing with Crystals

The Benefits of Bathing with Crystals

The Benefits of Bathing with Crystals

Want to change your mood?

Bathing with crystals is guaranteed to turn your frown upside down.

There is nothing more relaxing than a good old-fashioned tub soak. The warm water alone is such a healer but when we beef up the bath with some Epsom Salts, Essential oils, dried flowers and our favorite crystals…well then my friend, you have hit the mother load of bliss.

But what if I told you that you could only choose one additive to your soaking ritual?

Without a shadow of a doubt, I would be reaching for my stones. The magnetic combination of water and crystals is an experience to embark upon. While we release all negative thoughts, feelings, decisions, and regrets into the pool of forgiveness, we reap the benefits of recharging. You are treating yourself as the Queen/King that you are. You’re enjoying much-needed stress relief and boosting your immune system with that extra blast of energy from the crystals of your choosing.

Bathing with Crystals is Physically and Energetically Cleansing

The attachments and stored debris collected within our aura easily melt away into the steamy water. The charge from your stones supplies the immediate explosion into your cells for rejuvenation. Your crystals can be arranged in grids or randomly dispersed in the tub. Perhaps your chakras need cleansing and realignment. By placing the proper stones (Chakra Kits available here) to the specific areas of your body, this too can be achieved while bathing.

Bathing with Crystals is Healing

The possibilities for healing are endless with the duality of water and crystals.


Not Feeling the Love? Bathe with Rose Quartz

Need the Power of a Warrior? Place Obsidian in the tub

Desire Recharging? Add multiple Clear Quartz

Want Peaceful Bliss? Bathe With Amethyst

There is much one can do to help yourself heal. Please check out our products and articles for more information on how you can get your Good JuJu and feel lighter and brighter than ever before.

A General Rule of Thumb: Many Crystals that end in “-ite” are not water friendly.

About the Author

Kaylee has a lifetime of experience in a variety of healing modalities. She is a Shaman (wise woman/medicine woman/healer), Minister, Psychic Intuitive, Empath, Reiki Master (Energy Worker), Spiritual Advisor, Life Coach, Friend and Mixed Media Artist.

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