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Spiritual Doesn’t Mean Spineless – Spirituality 101

spiritual doesn't mean spineless

Spirituality 101

Spirituality is a quest to uncover and fulfill one’s true purpose while being aware of the connection of all things in the universe.

It involves the belief that spiritual truth, or ultimate reality can be attained through contemplation, insight, wisdom and intuition.

Spirituality is also a pursuit of personal development—balance and wellness of mind, body, spirit and life—and it encourages the sharing of this knowledge with others.

There are many misconceptions about spirituality.

Somehow people get it twisted that when one chooses a peaceful path that it is blanketed with rose petals. That it is smooth sailing with no bumps in the road. Sorry to those who possess those thoughts.

Spiritual doesn’t mean spineless. On the contrary, living spiritually requires substantial amounts of strength and determination to stand strong in your convictions and live your truth.

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“I am Spiritual”

Spirituality is a lifestyle. It involves a constant commitment to an ascended state of being. It is not merely an empty claim that should be uttered for convenience. Plenty of energy goes into remaining in that Zen place of mind.

Holding steadfast to your beliefs when stone-throwers and unpleasantries are being cast in your direction isn’t a cake walk.

What Did They Just Say?!

It is during these experiences when extending enlightenment can be challenging. We are human beings created to have a human experience in this lifetime.

There have been moments when I have equated spirituality to sainthood.

It has been difficult in certain instances to bite my lip and send blessings in the direction of someone doing me wrong, whether it be a momentary slight or an ongoing full-blown attack at my character.

Choosing How You React

Turning the other cheek to the ignorant individuals is not a weak move.

I have had to muster every bit of power within myself not to snap and react to what is coming at me. To rise above the misguided perceptions of others and let it go.

Of course I would be lying if I said these unfortunate interactions do not bother me. They scratch my surface for sure. I am human and as such I have emotions coursing through my being the same as anyone else.

How I choose to react to those feelings is where my spiritual essence is able to shine through. This is where my awareness kicks in and I have been able to catch myself from being part of the problem and releasing the wrath.

spiritual doesn't mean spineless

Walking Away Isn’t Weak

Not my place. Not my duty. I release that act of retaliation. I forgo vengeance and all that it entails knowing that karma can do a much better job than I ever could.

The universal powers that be are absolutely equipped to disperse the karmic vibrations of “return to sender.”

The laws of attraction have been implemented since creation and these laws are finely tuned and accurate all on their own.

My spiritual journey has taught me to look beyond myself and observe the infinite from beyond my limited realm.

These are not the whimsical wishes of a weak and spineless creature. I can assure you.

When You Know Better, You Do Better

This knowledge is factual, practical and all-encompassing.

If you are able to immerse yourself in a spiritual lifestyle: breathe it, say it, live it. The reality is you will become a better you.

So the next time you feel so inclined to make an assumption that those tree-huggers are just a bunch of granola-munching pacifists living a carefree hippy existence, think again.

Some days are much more challenging than others and certain unenlightened individuals would give the Buddha a run for his money.

Having just said that, I’m here to tell you that if you witness me publicly hugging a tree, you better believe there was an immediate need to release a burden and restore my Zen state of mind.

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Living spiritually guides me to one of mother nature’s most grounded creations rather than counterproductively cussing an ignoramus’ soul to hell in a handbasket.

About the Author

Kaylee is a co-founder of Good JuJu For You. She has been mindfully aware of and practicing her psychic abilities since she was a child. Led by her spirit guides, Kaylee has obtained a vast wealth of knowledge and experience with the ethereal realm and alternative modalities of energy healing. Kaylee is a shamanic healer and New Age artist.

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