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Category: Chakras

Sacral Chakra – Seat of Sexuality

Your sacral chakra is located in your lower abdominal region (pelvic area), about two to three inches below your belly button (navel). Your sacral chakra is directly related to your genitals. This chakra corresponds to the color orange and is directly related to your sex drive. The second chakra is the center of our sexuality. […]

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Open Your Heart Chakra and Manifest Gratitude

“Gratitude also opens your eyes to the limitless potential of the universe, while dissatisfaction closes your eyes to it.” ~Stephen Richards Where does true gratitude manifest? Some tend to think back to childhood when our parental figures taught us the fundamentals of good manners. Polite responses such as “thank you” were drilled into our consciousness […]

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Opening, Balancing and Healing the Root Chakra

Chakras are energy vortexes located throughout our body. The functioning of the chakras reflects what we think, how we feel and in what manner we respond to conditions in our life. The root chakra is the first chakra and is located at the base of the spine. It is associated with the color red. This […]

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Introduction to Chakras

Introduction to Chakras The term, ‘chakra’ (pronounced /ˈ∫häkrə/ or originally /ˈCHäkrə/) is derived from the Sanskrit word “cakra,” generally meaning ‘wheel’ or ‘circle.’ Chakras are like spinning wheels of energy within the body. The first references to chakras date back thousands of years to the ancient Holy Vedic texts of Hinduism. In India’s medicinal tradition, known […]

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