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Category: Dealing With Drama

Friend or Frenemy?

  Friend Thirty years ago I was introduced to one of the most important people in my life to date. My contractor at the time said to me, “you should meet my wife. I think you two would hit it off and become fast friends.” He wasn’t kidding. That very day he drove me to […]

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Narcissist and A-hole – Are They One In the Same?

Are people consciously aware that they are acting like total a-holes or is it an automatic response? Are these individuals oblivious to how they are being perceived? Are they so caught up in their own thoughts, feelings and emotions that they are completely unaware of how other humans view and react to their words and […]

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Drama Queens and Kings – Disappointment vs Devastation

Have you ever noticed that many Drama Kings and Drama Queens seem to have no distinction between disappointment and devastation? It appears to those of us observing from the outskirts that the slightest of letdowns is escalated to a full-blown catastrophe of epic proportions. These theatrical episodes seem to start small. They can be triggered […]

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When Your So-Called Family Turns Out to Be Your Worst Enemy

How could it possibly be that you have to worry about such an absurdity as your relatives trying to hurt you? As adults we have had to learn the hard way through societal interaction and experience that not everyone is nice and caring, nor do they have our best interests at heart. Unfortunately this is […]

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