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A Soulful Connection

soulful connection

I hope many of you have had the life-changing spiritual experience of meeting someone and feeling an immediate and incredibly strong connection with that person. I am not speaking about sexual encounters. I am referring to a soulful interaction. Instantaneously you are engulfed in this stranger’s vibe and it feels good. In fact, you love it. Realistically, you do not know a thing about this person but you are drawn to their energy. It is positive and you want more, more, more. It is magnetic.

The most overwhelming sensation is that you feel completely comfortable to be yourself. The raw, unedited version of you is free to come out and play and it is reciprocated. The type of conversation that ensues consists of two people who have nothing to hide, so they hide nothing. It is real. It is honest. It is invigorating to have an intellectual tête-à-tête with another being who is reading the same book, on the same page and on the same sentence in paragraph one.

soulful connection

Now is a good time to mention that this is a rare occurrence. Sorry to burst your bubble but this does not happen everyday. In fact, if you experience this exclusive type of soulful connection a handful of times during this lifetime, you are fortunate. That is why I felt compelled to tackle this topic. If this has never happened to you, don’t worry. It will and when it does you will be ready after reading this. My advice is that you “carpe diem” until the cows come home.

I have had these life changing exchanges. I would not be who I am and where I am without them. I embraced the energetic vibration. I allowed myself to float like a cloud being blown by the breeze to a destination I couldn’t find on my own. I knew I had crossed paths with a piece of my puzzle. Every cell pulsated with gratitude. Serenity surrounded me. My entire being was peaceful.

soulful connection

There is an electrified current that can sweep you away. It is all good, go with it. Along your journey your circuit breakers will continue to switch on. Your eyes will open to new ways of looking at the world. The capacity of your heart will expand. Your soulmate encounter brings newfound energy that catapults change. You have connected with another human being that has reconnected you to the universe.

If this extraordinary cosmic connection has happened to you, I don’t have to tell you to exude appreciation. If this hasn’t happened yet, no worries. When it does, I want you to be fully aware of this bestowed blessing and be mindfully thankful to the powers that be with every breath you take.

About the Author

Kaylee is a co-founder of Good JuJu For You. She has been mindfully aware of and practicing her psychic abilities since she was a child. Led by her spirit guides, Kaylee has obtained a vast wealth of knowledge and experience with the ethereal realm and alternative modalities of energy healing. Kaylee is a shamanic healer and New Age artist.

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To a Friend From a Friend – A Letter of Love

dear friend a letter of love

My Dearest Friend,

Of course this is a difficult time for you. The rug has been pulled out from under you and the best you can hope for is to land on your feet. I feel you are overwhelmed and all over the map with your thoughts and actions. Believe me I am sensitive to your entire situation. I take it into great consideration before I say anything to you because I know you are vulnerable. I also know you prefer not to be confronted with unpleasantries. You have had your quota of negativity and reject the slightest sign of more. I understand that mentality. What is unsettling for me is exactly what you said, “I am more aware of it than you are.” It seems you have been unable to face the facts. The reality of your situation is just entirely too painful to accept.

To me, you feel disconnected. From yourself, others, even me. I would assume this to be a survival technique learned at a very early age. You seem to implement this strategy so you may push ahead and carry on with the daily ‘have tos.’ I get it.

My concern is that your list of ‘have tos’ needs to be reprioritized. Otherwise you will repeat counterproductive behaviors that have been holding you hostage since childhood. This pattern must be broken for you to evolve into a better you.

I know you get lost in your own thoughts. They rush in and take over. You become completely overwhelmed and you resort to what is familiar (known) and in your mind—a safe way of thinking and acting. By staying BUSY you have an excuse not to focus on you and neglect what is truly important. It takes much more energy than you’ve been willing to give to break this cycle. When you feel drained, tired and sad it seems easier to handle things this way.

The problem with this method is that you never progress. It is one step forward and three steps backwards. You may even convince yourself unrealistically (if only for brief interludes) that you are doing better. Those who love and care about you see past that shielded persona and are left to wonder what they can and should say or do to help you that will not catapult you over the edge or ultimately make you withdraw.

I always feel concerned about pushing you too hard and adding to your confusion. On the other hand, I would not consider myself a true friend if I didn’t say these things and hold you in the the reality necessary for change.

true friendship

I’m all about bringing the proverbial walls down so that help can get through. I nor anyone else can penetrate your conscious awareness if you barricade it.

As someone who is connected to you, I sense that you are guarded and afraid. Vibrations from your past reveal these emotions. You are carrying past hurt and devastation into present thoughts, circumstances and relationships. This transfer of energy into this period of now should be considered as your priority.

This is the law of attraction. I want you to mindfully understand and absorb what you put out into the universe is what will manifest. If you say one thing but your actions convey another, the universal powers that be will interpret the stronger more convincing of the two and that is what will be brought forth. Translation, you create self-sabotage and then wonder why the same problems are being dumped on your doorstep.

I can only hope that you realize I have always wanted and wished the very best for you. Even when you have done your damnedest to push me away. I honestly care and have cared about you even when you didn’t care about yourself.

I am here to help you pick up your fractured pieces if you will allow me to.

From the depths of my soul I pray you know that I have always been and will continue to be your dearest friend.

I love you and now it’s time for you to love yourself.

About the Author

Kaylee is a co-founder of Good JuJu For You. She has been mindfully aware of and practicing her psychic abilities since she was a child. Led by her spirit guides, Kaylee has obtained a vast wealth of knowledge and experience with the ethereal realm and alternative modalities of energy healing.

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Ending Toxic Relationships

she's strong but she's exhausted

There are all kinds of endings in this world.

Many of us have experienced our parents divorcing. Some of us have dealt with the death of a family member, loved one or pet. The broken heart syndrome occurs when a close relationship that we are invested in, care about and are connected with ends. Whether it be friends, lovers or relatives, the emotions are that of loss. The amount of stress and distress felt by all those involved can be overwhelming, confusing and depressing.

Why purposely end a bad relationship? Well, that is a complicated question. But, the bottom line is because you are not happy. There may be many reasons why you are not feeling the love. In fact, if you are contemplating ending a close relationship you probably have a lengthy list of justifiable explanations for your unhappiness.

One incidence may or may not break the bond. More than likely it has been multiple hurtful incidences that continue to occur that have led your thinking to call it quits. If there is a pattern that ultimately results in causing you pain, it is time to get out. Long periods of constant mental (emotional) pain can and will do damage. This will go from mind to body. Stress can manifest into symptoms experienced on a physical level such as headache, stomach ache, pain in the neck and/or lower back, and sleeping too much or not enough (insomnia).

what drains your spirit drains your body

Examples of why a relationship is doomed to fail

  • You do not respect each other
  • There is no trust
  • Being taken for granted
  • Not treated according to expectations
  • Experiencing toxicity
  • Making excuses
  • Consumed with negativity
  • Constantly frustrated
  • Feelings are not reciprocated
  • Relationship seems one-sided
  • The bad outweighs the good
  • Draining your vitality (life force)
  • Poor communication
  • Bickering and Arguing
  • Blaming each other

blaming each other

If you have come to the conclusion that there is no saving this relationship, then you must brace yourself and prepare to tell the other person. This requires courage and you must be convinced of your decision. Stay focused. Write down on a piece of paper all the reasons why this relationship is not serving you well. Draw strength from your list instead of squirming out of what you know will be an uncomfortable and sad ending.

The finale is a face-to-face moment away. The closer it gets to the impending confrontation, you should not be surprised that the reality of the situation starts to creep into your thoughts. Fear of the what ifs and how cutting this person out of your life will ultimately affect you.

You may begin by mentally running possible scenarios such as:

  • My routine must change?
  • What if I’m lonely?
  • Who will I talk to?
  • What about companionship?
  • I have to forge new relationships?
  • Will I allow anyone else to get close to me?

Now is a good time to re-read your list of why this relationship is not salvageable. If you are doubting yourself, ask for support from neutral friends and/or family. Don’t get lost in a sea of opinions. You are the only person who should decide what is right for you. This is your opportunity to regain your emotional equilibrium. If you deem this an unhealthy relationship, trust your instincts.

save your heart

Follow Through

Determine the location where you should meet. Face-to-face is preferable but not always possible. If this is the case, the least you could do would be to pick up the phone (call, not text). Prepare a method of delivery and choose your words carefully. No matter how gently you tell the other person, it will not lessen the blow. A bitter argument could ensue and lead into a highly charged situation.

Be open and honest. Make it perfectly clear that it is over and why. Insist on cutting off all contact. Put physical distance between you and the relationship. This is necessary while you clear away the cobwebs and transition. You need this time for your own personal growth. How you are feeling is not permanent. You will regain your power and renew your spirit. I know this is easier said than done. Remember you are ending this relationship for your own good.

You choose sanity over insanity.

You choose stability over instability.

You choose to be happy.

ending toxic relationships

About the Author

Kaylee is a co-founder of Good JuJu For You. She has been mindfully aware of and practicing her psychic abilities since she was a child. Led by her spirit guides, Kaylee has obtained a vast wealth of knowledge and experience with the ethereal realm and alternative modalities of energy healing. Kaylee is a shamanic healer and New Age artist.