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Guardian Angels – Do They Really Exist?

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What Are Guardian Angels?

Every human being has a guardian angel that was appointed to them from the moment of their conception. This is a fact regardless of the religion you follow. There are no exceptions. This angel will stay with you constantly from birth until you ultimately cross over upon death.

Whether or not you are aware of their presence and guidance they are always with you. They may be quietly hidden in the shadows but their support never waivers. They will accompany you through your life’s journey from beginning to end.

guardian angels

The Difference Between Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

Awhile back I wrote an article entitled, “Everything You Need to Know About Spirit Guides” and I was inundated with questions. One common theme I found was that there seemed to be some confusion as to the difference between spirit guides and guardian angels.

Although their goals appear to be similar in nature, the distinction would be that spirit guides were once living, breathing beings in human form. Guardian angels are not and were never mortal. Angels vibrate on a much higher frequency.

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Angels Are Pure Spirit

Guardian angels are spiritual beings who communicate to us through thoughts, images and/or feelings. There are special incidences when you may even hear spoken words in an audible voice.

There is no limit to the amount of love and light that your guardian angel can and will bring. There is an endless supply gifted to each individual if you are willing to be open and receive.

What Guardian Angels Do

Your guardian angel is here to help you find your purpose. They are a loving presence at times of challenge. When you need them most, call to them. They will respond with comfort. If you feel you are in danger, ask for protection, they will intercede on your behalf. During times of illness, connect with your angel to receive healing.

There is no request too great for the angels. They are ready, willing and able to oblige. All you have to do is ask and allow the white light of the divine to penetrate your soul.

If you need assistance you must invite the angels in. Because of free will the angels will not cross that line and intervene.

The exception to that rule would be that you might possibly be involved in an incidence that would end your life before your time. Otherwise it is left to the person’s own discretion to make their choices and decisions for themselves.

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Who Is Your Guardian Angel?

Many inquiries that I received from the spirit guide post were asking me to reveal a name. Everyone wants to unveil the identity of their spirit guide or guardian angel. Although I am happy to assist, I promise you that the title of Psychic, Healer or Shaman is not necessary for you to make contact or connect with your guardian angel. It is your capacity of openness that is essential. There is no one more qualified than you.

This is a personal relationship. Just you and your guardian angel. You do not share your angel with anyone else, for each of us has our own. This bond affects no other. What you think, feel and sense about your guardian resonates because of the bond you share. You may soulfully connect at a level that brings forth a name. If you are convinced that this title was bestowed to the angel by the divine source—not the human mind or malevolent energy—I applaud you for reaching this ascended frequency of vibration.

If no name ever comes forth to you for your guardian, that is fine as well, for no title is necessary besides that of ‘Dear Angel.’

Still Looking For Proof?

You instinctively know you have a guardian angel but you do not receive a name. You want some sort of validation to their existence. You cannot visually see them so how do you know for sure that they exist?

The most common tangible signs of an angel’s presence is to repetitively see and find feathers—especially in the most unexpected of places. Using your conscious awareness, take notice of when and where you spot these feathers. You may begin to recognize a pattern forming.

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Sensing Your Guardian Angel

Do these feathers appear after asking your guardian angel a question, for help, or for a demonstration of proof that they are near you?

When you discover these feathers do you feel a breeze?

Do you hear a buzzing in your ear or the sounds of heavenly music?

Do you smell a fragrant aroma?

Do you taste a sweetness within your mouth?

These too are signs that indicate your guardian angel’s presence. They are close by and are communicating with you directly.

Realistically I cannot convince you to have faith. I can lead you but I cannot choose for you. That which you accept or reject is within your mind, body and spirit. What you think and how you feel is left entirely up to you.

Exercising Your Free Will

Ultimately you must decide whether to:

Believe in your guardian angel

Welcome your guardian angel in

Ask for help

Trust in their gentle nudges and quiet whispers

Embrace guided thoughts and feelings

Be aware of visual images and synchronicities

Be accepting of their endless care and concern for your wellbeing

Sense and surround yourself with their unconditional love

Express gratitude

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Making Contact

Before attempting to make contact with your guides and/or guardians we always recommend invoking protection from the Divine Source.

“I ask to be surrounded by your white light. I ask that you only allow spirit beings of the light to enter. I ask for ascended knowledge and guidance.”

“Thank You”
“So Be It”

Your Guardian Angel is Always There

“Always There”

A Poem by Mary Jac

You may see me as huge
Or imagine me as small,
I’m right by your side
and will hear you when you call,
I am loyal and true,
and can trust me to care,
I’m your Guardian Angel,
I will always be there.

About the Author

Kaylee is a co-founder of Good JuJu For You. She has been mindfully aware of and practicing her psychic abilities since she was a child. Led by her spirit guides, Kaylee has obtained a vast wealth of knowledge and experience with the ethereal realm and alternative modalities of energy healing.

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