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Moon Phases 2019

Times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST).


New Moon – Jan 5, 2019 – 8:29 pm
Moon – Jan 21, 2019 – 12:16 am


New Moon – Feb 4, 2019 – 4:04 pm
Full Moon – Feb 19, 2019 – 10:53 am


New Moon – Mar 6, 2019 – 11:04 am
Full Moon – Mar 20, 2019 – 9:43 pm


New Moon – Apr 5, 2019 – 3:50 am
Full Moon – Apr 19, 2019 – 6:12 am


New Moon – May 4, 2019 – 5:45 pm
Full Moon – May 18, 2019 – 4:11 pm


New Moon – Jun 3, 2019 – 5:02 am
Full Moon – Jun 17, 2019 – 3:31 am


New Moon – Jul 2, 2019– 2:16 pm
Full Moon – Jul 16, 2019– 4:38 pm
New Moon – July 31, 2019 – 10:12 pm


Full Moon – Aug 15, 2019 –7:29 am
New Moon – Aug 30, 2019 – 5:37 am


Full Moon – Sept 13, 2019 – 11:33 pm
New Moon – Sept 28, 2019 – 1:26 pm


Full Moon –Oct 13, 2019 – 4:08 pm
New Moon – Oct 27, 2019 – 10:38 pm


Full Moon – Nov 12, 2019– 8:34 am
New Moon – Nov 26, 2019 – 10:06 am


Full Moon – Dec 12, 2019 – 12:12 am
New Moon – Dec 26, 2019 – 12:13 am

moon phases 2016

Month Name Description
January Full Wolf Moon This full Moon appeared when wolves howled in hunger outside the villages. It is also known as the Old Moon. To some Native American tribes, this was the Snow Moon, but most applied that name to the next full Moon, in February.
February Full Snow Moon Usually the heaviest snows fall in February. Hunting becomes very difficult, and hence to some Native American tribes this was the Hunger Moon.
March Full Worm Moon At the time of this spring Moon, the ground begins to soften and earthworm casts reappear, inviting the return of robins. This is also known as the Sap Moon, as it marks the time when maple sap begins to flow and the annual tapping of maple trees begins.
April Full Pink Moon This full Moon heralded the appearance of the moss pink, or wild ground phlox—one of the first spring flowers. It is also known as the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon.
May Full Flower Moon Flowers spring forth in abundance this month. Some Algonquin tribes knew this full Moon as the Corn Planting Moon or the Milk Moon.
June Full Strawberry Moon The Algonquin tribes knew this Moon as a time to gather ripening strawberries. It is also known as the Rose Moon and the Hot Moon.
July Full Buck Moon Bucks begin to grow new antlers at this time. This full Moon was also known as the Thunder Moon, because thunderstorms are so frequent during this month.
August Full Sturgeon Moon Some Native American tribes knew that the sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain were most readily caught during this full Moon. Others called it the Green Corn Moon.
September Full Corn Moon This full Moon corresponds with the time of harvesting corn. It is also called the Barley Moon, because it is the time to harvest and thresh the ripened barley. The Harvest Moon is the full Moon nearest the autumnal equinox, which can occur in September or October and is bright enough to allow finishing all the harvest chores.
October Full Hunter’s Moon This is the month when the leaves are falling and the game is fattened. Now is the time for hunting and laying in a store of provisions for the long winter ahead. October’s Moon is also known as the Travel Moon and the Dying Moon.
November Full Beaver Moon For both the colonists and the Algonquin tribes, this was the time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze, to ensure a supply of warm winter furs. This full Moon was also called the Frost Moon.
December Full Cold Moon This is the month when the winter cold fastens its grip and the nights become long and dark. This full Moon is also called the Long Nights Moon by some Native American tribes.

The 12 Signs of the Zodiac

Fire Sign
Water Sign
Earth Sign
Air Sign


March 21 – April 19

Sign: The Ram
Ruled by: Mars

Aries people are creative, strong-willed and ambitious. They are quick to anger and have a fiery personality. They have a wonderful sense of humor and are extremely devoted to the ones they truly love.


April 20 – May 20

Sign: The Bull
Ruled by: Venus

Taurus people are stubborn by nature and will not back down but this can be a good thing especially if you need help. They are often the sign to turn to when we want to unburden ourselves and require understanding. Taurians are very practical individuals with an eye toward efficiency. Many make wonderful instructors. They have a giving nature.


May 21 – June 20

Sign: The Twins
Ruling Planet: Mercury

Gemini people are a bit difficult to predict. There is a duality to their nature. They have a tendency to run hot and cold. There is something about a Gemini that is infectious. They have a charm and charisma that is inviting.


June 21 – July 22

Sign: The Crab
Ruled by: The Moon

People under the zodiac sign of cancer have a deep love of family and their time spent at home. This is where they feel most comfortable. A cancer is probably the one member of the family tree to delve into the ancestry as far as it will take them. They have a fascination for history. Cancers tend to be conservative but not considered cheap. They have a propensity for personal time and should be left to do so.


July 23 – August 22

Sign: The Lion
Ruled by: The Sun

Leos are natural-born leaders. They exude strength and power and have a tendency to let you know in the form of their opinions, which is usually right on target. They may appear bossy but it is really a strong-willed conviction for the truth. They have a sensitive side that is only shared with those in their inner circle.


August 23 – September 22

Sign: The Maiden
Ruled by: Mercury

Virgo people have an innate ability to stretch the truth and convince others that it is the gospel. The tales are delivered with ease and coax the listener. They are equally adept at extracting information because of their inquisitive side and will retain what you said indefinitely due to their remarkable memory. Virgo individuals require balance in their lives otherwise they will become self-serving. With balance they work well with others and are very supportive.


September 23 – October 22

Sign: The Scales
Ruled by: Venus

Libras are keen on justice. They must have stability in their lives otherwise they may go to extremes. Libra people strongly will support the underdog because they have a deep caring for those in that position. They can be quite shy and must feel comfortable to come out of their shell. They are happiest when surrounded by beauty.


October 23 – November 21

Sign: The Scorpion
Ruled by: Pluto

Scorpio people have strong personalities which they execute with great control and confidence. No task is ever too big for a Scorpio to tackle once they focus their mind and energy to do so. These souls have a tendency to be a bit secretive, so you never really know everything they are thinking. A Scorpio may stumble and fall but look out once they pick themselves up. They will be more determined than ever not to fall again.


November 22 – December 21

Sign: The Centaur
Ruled by: Jupiter

Philosophical pursuits lead the way for Sagittarius and are of utmost importance. Everything and everyone else comes second. This quality makes it difficult to handle commitments with others of significance. Sagittarius people are loyal friends and lovers as long as you can accept the philosopher side of their personality because it overshadows all. Sagittarius are not known for being patient. They prefer quick results.


December 22 – January 19

Sign: The Mountain Goat
Ruled by: Saturn

Capricorn individuals are highly intelligent and apply their knowledge to practical matters at hand. Capricorns need stability and order to function at full capacity and achieve their goals. Capricorns are extremely resentful to criticism and would rather pretend they did not hear you say anything. These individuals have the patience of a saint and can remain steadfast in accomplishing necessary tasks. Rarely will you hear a Capricorn share their inner thoughts or problems. They hold their feelings close to the vest.


January 20 – February 18

Sign: The Man Who Carries Water
Ruled by: Uranus

Aquarius people are our humanitarians. They believe in doing things for the greater good no matter what it takes. They are highly intelligent and make friends relatively easy. Aquarius has a bit of a lazy side and needs to stay motivated. These individuals are quite often artistic.


February 19 – March 20

Sign: The Fish
Ruled by: Neptune

Pisces people are unselfish individuals with a quiet disposition. Unfortunately because of their gentle and giving nature they seem to be at risk from those looking to take advantage of. If they realize they are under attack they will unleash an intense determination to make things right. Pisces are particularly devoted to family and friends.

Celtic Astrology Signs

December 24 – January 20

January 21 – February 17

February 18 – March 17

March 18 – April 14

April 15 – May 12

May 13 – June 9

June 10 – July 7

July 8 – August 4

August 5 – September 1

September 2 – September 29

September 30 – October 27

October 28 – November 24

November 25 – December 23














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