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Great State of Relaxation

I don’t believe in coincidences! I’m so glad that I met and had the chance to work with Kamaira. After just one hypnosis session, I have never before experienced such a great state of relaxation. She is an impressive young woman. I felt great afterwards…enough to sleep for a couple of days. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Highly recommended!

~Adam Leadbeater

Emmy Nominated Actor

Chester Cheeto

True Blood

Days of Our Lives

Worth the money

Desperation pushed me to spend the money. I had a problem with cracked, chapped and peeling lips. Nothing I bought at Wal-Mart worked. I LOVE Good JuJu lip balm! That was the best $10 I ever spent in my life. 


Thank God

I was being prescribed tubes of medicine $100+. Out of desperation I tried the shaman salve. Within four days I saw improvement. Thank God.
~Jasmine R

Highly Recommended

I have used the salve and its wonderful. Really helped with reducing inflammation and healing a nasty scratch my over zealous puppy gave me. Highly Recommended! 


Reduced My Pain

You have no idea how much [my pendant] has been helping. I’ve been so much more relaxed. Less back pain and everything! I don’t know if it is related but I want to believe it is. I definitely feel [the good juju] when I meditate too.


Perfect For Self-Love

One of the most down-to-earth and genuine businesses I’ve seen. I love that it consists of a mother-daughter duo, who’ve taken different aspects of peace, love, and serenity, and handcrafted them into each of the products. Pretty rare to see someone willing to take so much time and effort to make all of the jewelry and dolls.  
~Tina N


Dermatologist Approved

I am a senior dermatologist in a large healthcare system (although I am unable to say which one for legal reasons) and I absolutely love good juju lip balm! I use it everyday and I have no problem recommending it and good juju's other unscented natural beauty products to my patients. 



I bought two massage wands---one for personal use and one for my clients. Mine has helped work out some of the knots from years as a bodyworker (plus helped my boyfriend with his chronic back pain!). My clients keep requesting it too. It requires minimum pressure, gives maximum force and helps release hardened fascia! Definitely something all therapists should have. 


Chiropractor approved

I'm so glad to have found the gemstone massage wands. They are helpful to release hard-to-reach tight spots on patients, who seem to enjoy them a lot. It is a great addition to my business.



These products are the types of things I see my patients turn to when their chronic conditions cannot be well-managed by traditional western medicine.



Every reflexologist and massage therapist should have one of these tools [gemstone massage wand] to be on the cutting edge and set yourself apart. Crystal therapy is a great added service to a massage.


Therapist Approved

My experience with Good JuJu is that the products are mood-altering, colorful, uplifting and healing.



Couple Time

Our careers are hectic. The only ‘couple time’ we seem to get is using our massage wand on each other before bed.

~Jessica and Steve

The World Keeps Getting Better

You need a good juju mini doll in your life! Go ahead, do it. The world just keeps getting better. I love her already...I've hardly even played with my other wonderful things just yet. Proceeding slowly. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!



After only a few days wearing one of your pendants, I feel exactly like I did in 1976 when I first became a “Magic Man.” 



THIS IS THE BEST SOAP I HAVE EVER USED! My face has never felt this soft after using any soap in my life! 


Cbd Tea & Good Night's sleep

I've tried everything to help with trouble sleeping but after trying your CBD tea and gummies, I am happy to report improvement. I have been noticeably more relaxed before bed and felt rested in the morning, like I had a good night's sleep. The CBD products make me feel like the feeling after drinking a glass of wine but these are great because they are healthier and I can take them everywhere!


Cleared Up My Acne

I have very sensitive skin and have had bad reactions to essential oils in the past. The shea butter/lavender oil combo in your soap is working great for me. It has cleared up my acne! 




This soap is wonderful! Smells so good and leaves your skin feeling great!!

Thank you



As an empath, I can sense others feelings around me. An activity like going to the grocery store or a party can be super draining. After years of this, a toxic working environment and a couple abusive relationships, I was suffering. I spent countless hours searching for healing and I finally found good juju. I contacted Kaylee and she made a necklace and bracelet for me. I have noticed a huge difference in my sense of wellbeing. I feel more energized and less fatigued. I don't want to take it off! In addition to having a sensitive spirit, I have sensitive skin. Almost everything I've used breaks me out but good juju's unscented natural beauty products have been an answer to my prayers. Thank you so much.


Calm, Relaxed & Pain-Free

When I wear my necklace and bracelet, I feel calm and relaxed. Definitely helps. I also had a Sound Healing session with Kaylee and Kamaira. I’m excited to report that I can walk down the stairs pain-free now. Both girls have amazing abilities.  ~Jeff


I feel surrounded by goodness when I wear my gorgeous Good Juju pendant. Not only do I receive tons of compliments, I know I am protected wherever I go. Thanks again!



Two words: Unicorn Soap! So Freakin Cute. My husband bought this for me and I LOVE IT. I can't wait to get more.


Love It

Thank you so much for the bracelets. I bought for myself and one for my friend. We absolutely love them!



Good Yoga Vibes

Bringing in some good yoga vibes with this handmade jewelry from


Perfect Accessory For A Great Morning

This Black Agate and Bodhi Bead Bracelet is the perfect accessory to start a great morning. Check out this shop, they have amazing pieces.



I Love Love the soaps. They are great to use. The scents are so heavenly not heavy. You have to try them. 


Bomb Dot Com

 I love wearing my bracelet from GOODJUJU4YOU. Thank you ladies SO MUCH for all our goodies! The soaps are amazing. The lotion and salve are incredible on our skin. And, the LIP BALM is the BOMB DOT COM! 


Absolutely Love My Bracelet

ABSOLUTELY LOVE my bracelet and other gifts! Thank You!


Feels So Good

I have to say that the Virgin Mary is my favorite soap. It foams really well and is so luscious. After using it in the shower, my skin always feels so good!




Thank you so much! I am crying happy tears because less than six months after receiving my Happy & Love Amethyst Pendant I met and married my SOULMATE! 


Good Juju Soaps are amazing!

I tried two different soaps to help treat my body acne, the lavender oatmeal & the lemongrass eucalyptus—both products are amazing!! The lavender oatmeal soap calmed the redness & left my skin feeling smooth. The lemongrass eucalyptus helped to quickly resolve the bigger breakouts, and the actual lemongrass in the soap acted as a gentle exfoliant. I love the feel, smell and results of the soaps. 

~Anyelyn E.


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