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Thank you so much! I am crying happy tears because less than six months after receiving my Happy & Love Amethyst Pendant I met and married my SOULMATE! ~Amanda

After only a few days wearing one of your pendants, I feel exactly like I did in 1976 when I first became a “Magic Man.” ~David

The jewelry is absolutely beautiful! ~Hayley

You have no idea how much [my pendant] has been helping. I’ve been so much more relaxed. Less back pain and everything! I don’t know if it is related but I want to believe it is. I definitely feel [the good juju] when I meditate too. ~Stephanie
We are enjoying our new crystal massage wand. It is so relaxing! ~Anonymous
One of the most down-to-earth and genuine websites I’ve seen. I love that it consists of a mother-daughter duo, who’ve taken different aspects of peace, love, and serenity, and handcrafted them into each of the products. Pretty rare to see someone willing to take so much time and effort to make all of the jewelry and dolls. Perfect for declarations of self-love. ~Tina N.
THIS IS THE BEST SOAP I HAVE EVER USED! My face has never felt this soft after using any soap in my life! ~Jack
I have very sensitive skin and have had bad reactions to essential oils in the past. The shea butter/lavender oil combo in your soap is working great for me. It has cleared up my acne! ~Anonymous

I recently used both Lucky Lemongrass and the Peppermint Refreshment soaps and I’m in love. I used the peppermint soap at night and my skin felt refreshed while the strong but not overwhelming scent of mint relaxed my entire body before bedtime. The lemongrass soap was absolutely perfect for early mornings before work. The combination of scent and essential oils left my body feeling awake, invigorated, and ready to take on my day. 10/10. Would highly recommend both to anyone.  ~Adam G.

When I wear my necklace and bracelet, I feel calm and relaxed. Definitely helps. I also had a Sound Healing session with Kaylee and Kamaira. I’m excited to report that I can walk down the stairs pain-free now. Both girls have amazing abilities. ~Jeff

The attitude adjustment soap makes me happy 🙂 ~Kris

Our careers are hectic. The only ‘couple time’ we seem to get is using our massage wand on each other before bed. ~Jessica and Steve

I have used the salve and its wonderful. Really helped with reducing inflammation and healing a nasty scratch my over zealous puppy gave me. Highly Recommended! ~Carol

Desperation pushed me to spend the money. I had a problem with cracked, chapped and peeling lips. Nothing I bought at Wal-Mart worked. I LOVE Good JuJu lip balm! That was the best $10 I ever spent in my life. -Marie